About US

About us

You may at some point been faced with a situation where the behaviour of other or yourself seemed unfit for the situation at hand. As we all know there are certain unwritten rules and restrictions within society that are not punishable by law, but which hold consequences and effects in social relationships. Therefore these actions hold a very prominent position in our personal and professional lives

Our goal is not to correct social problems using religion or political means, our main focus is to discuss different life methods for dealing with people, our living environment both indoors and outdoors. Our motto is that “everyone holds the answer within themselves” and we don’t claim to have all the answers, we are merely here to discuss solutions to problems that may occur in day to day life

Our website tries to encourage everyone to share their experiences and their methods to help others who may be facing a situation which they have dealt with previously. We hope our work can help, even in the smallest ways, those who resort to it

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